by Triphon

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The debut album released on Rockingham Records/The Orchard Enterprises.


released August 14, 2012

All songs written and performed by Triphon. Drums recorded by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark. J. Rogers’ guitars and B. Dawley’s bass recorded by Ron Zabrocki at Zabrocki Digital in Torrington, CT. S. Gladney’s guitars recorded by Jonathan Cazenave at JCAZ Music Studios in Atlanta, GA. Vocals and keyboards recorded by Kyle Morrison. Produced by Triphon and Jonathan Cazenave. Album artwork by Shawn McCauley - www.shawnmccauley.com. Photography by Mae Elizabeth at www.photographybymae.com.



all rights reserved


Triphon Atlanta, Georgia

Euro-American Melodic Death Metal

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Track Name: Fall of the Tyrant
I'm damned if I'm forgotten
Don't walk into the light
They said I'd live forever
If I held my ground and finished the fight

My heart is heavy and
My sword is drenched
In my own blood

They won't go down
Their numbers are too great
My army falls to the ground
Perhaps it is too late

Staring at the sunset's dying glow

My days are done of ruling all
Here comes the fall

And I will stand
And I will wait here forever
Lonely is the last one to leave behind all
"Fall of the Tyrant" they call

I break the wall
This is all in sight
I break the wall
Slay in the dark of night

Put down your weapons and I swear
That I'll spill no more blood

I need to crush this revolt
Or my kingdom is doomed
I need to smash the faces
Of those who hear the truth

Men will die before their pride is gone

I don't want to die
Not like this
I'm not in a dream
This can't be real
Track Name: Solace
I want to understand
How you can lock up all those feelings
If you could understand
My self destructive tendencies

Things aren't always what they seem

It's time we sit and reevaluate
The time we just let go to waste
These years I've wasted
I just want them back because I won't see
What could have been my brightest moments
Will never be
Now hear my cry
Just give me solace

If you could comprehend
What it means to be alone
Then you could understand
Why I'll always be on my own

So close that I can taste it
Yet far away from you
You'll never understand that
I put my myself through hell for you

Lights out
This show's about to end now
I feel so god damned run down
Let's watch this city burn down

It's only through the eyes of a believer
That a saver of souls will redeem those
That are the most unworthy

I command your thoughts I command your soul
For this small price…you shall live

The hatred runs so deep that
I cannot stand myself
Now you can understand the
Misery that I have felt

Fools will judge on what they see but
Things aren't always what they seem
Track Name: Open The Gates
Break the glass, escape the fate that's been
Plaguing your mind for all of these days

The rage in my heart is from
Years of staying set in my ways

Comfort never found me now I'm reaching in despair
Because I'm sick of trying

Enough of breaking it down
And I'll no longer wait

We sit here in our silence and I struggle just to care
and it's like condemnation

You're always weighing me down
And I'll no longer wait
I need to bring this life to an end

I don't want to waste it all on everything you want to be
I don't want to push away, all the things we've never seen
It's here I waste away while my soul is screaming
On the edge of a broken dream, you'd never want to feel this

You've uncaged this animal that's been
Living inside this lonely world
In the past it's been this way where I shut my
Damned mouth and hear you scream
Of all the god damned things I've heard you say
Never once have you said it to my face
I want to burn those letters in front of your face

I'm sick of being beaten down
And I'll no longer wait
I need to bring this life to an end

I don't want to be alone when I close my eyes
Walk into this dream with me and I'll never leave your side

Rising from the ashes
The blood spills on the grave
This is the second coming of my life
Track Name: Burning Alive
We know and love the things that tend bring us down
Embrace the thoughts that keep us mentally unsound
The road to Hell is paved with good intentions
It's not enough to simply want it all

We follow the easy answers
We follow those who give us pride
We follow the least resistance
We follow those that end our lives

I am the product of my self-induced depression
Enraged and rabid from the sheltered isolation
Alone I dwell in this self constructed prison
It's not my fault that I chose to end it all

Let's see you try to break my soul
I'll watch you die as I become more

We want the world to be forgiving
To feel our pain and forget our faults

Feel the ruined failures
Pull down all of your fears

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions
It's not enough to simply want it all

Let's see you try to break my soul
Track Name: Your Poison
I'm not denying and I swear it's all right
Just trust me, everything's fine
I don't need your sympathy

I'd rather be the one who suffers so that you'll never know
But you don't know the pain you've caused me

Intensifying because you know that I'm lying
I don't know what to do
I've let this rage build up inside me

The differences between us could divide the world
You know I never liked you anyways

We become what we despise
With all the anguish
With all the suffering

In sorrow we will thrive
Let it end

I'd rather we both die than let my enemy live
No harm to me as you pump the poison in my veins

This world is full of those like me
Innocent and waiting for a break
Have I told you all of my dreams?
I bet we could make it as a pair
Tonight, this suicide I've planned will kill us all

What will it take to buy a few more days?
I can't just throw this away
I don't care if I'm selfish

I'm buying time at the expense of my ever fading life
So don't pretend to love me

Depression creeping always waiting for me
Because it has what I need
I'm like an addict in withdrawal

There is no reason in looking ahead when all you see is death
So don't you try to justify my life

Accept your humble fate
With all the anguish
With all the suffering

Let the scars remind you why it's not too late
Let it end

I swear this plague will be
The end of me
Letting go of all I know
Let's fake this while we can
Track Name: Left Alone
Gone, I need to break away
Gotta try and go break away

I know that it's all my fault because it's always me

How long will it stay this way with you and I divided?
The pain of all this misery is slowly killing me

You just bring me back down

I've gone away to take back my life
It's better that I'm left alone in disguise
And it's all I take with nothing in return
It's better that I'm left alone to my demise

Wronged, betrayed, and thrown away
My fate has been decided
I'm dead

I am finished trying so don't waste your breath on me

It will stay this way with you and I divided
I hope that all this misery reminds you of that day

The day you killed our trust

We're all in denial
We live in fiction
We pretend we love ourselves and smile again