by Triphon

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Pete Drew
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Pete Drew I've followed this band for a while now and their music never seems to disappoint. amazing guitar playing, awesome vocals and precision drumming makes this a must have for fans of Trivium and Bullet For My Valentine. Favorite track: Take On Me (A-ha cover).
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TRIPHON's second full-length studio album.


released November 25, 2014

Produced, mixed and mastered by Kyle Morrison
Co-produced and additional mixing by Brian Dawley
Album artwork by Nate Bergeron



all rights reserved


Triphon Atlanta, Georgia

Euro-American Melodic Death Metal

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Track Name: Artifacts
Die now, it’s the first of the innocent to be knocked down
Douse the fire with gasoline
We dance and watch the bodies burn
All that I found are the remains of the artifacts
No sense in leaving now

So tell me I don’t believe
You don’t believe
Another one hits the stake
You’re all diseased

It’s all just whispers in our ears
Tiny fragments of our imaginations

The time has come for us to march on this town

Look to the past and see what we have done
In the eyes of our sons
We have cursed our beloved

The first to confess is the last one to lie
The last one to fight is the first one to die
And now it’s time to round up all of the others
We will hold them to the fires of the gods

Now listen, we can hear them screaming down to their bones
The fear is set

Lies, the fear has just begun
We might spare him
But your life is done

I’m dead
Don’t you save your life for me
The apple falls far from the tree
And for the last time go
In time we’ll all escape
And smile on better days
Just follow me
Track Name: Dark Signals
With this life, the will to live reversed itself and failed
With those below, this mortal gift deceases with the rest
I shall pass

Release my name in time so everyone will know
In this world, we live to die one day

Will I become this blood stained hero?
I stand alone because no one will save me

You won't lock away this psychopath
Can't do with me as you do the rest
Dark Signals flood my sense of wrong
Because no one will save me

I will watch them all burn

What's one life when you take ten lives
And you send them all to Hell
Paradise awaits those with knives that
are ready for the kill

Who will pay for those betrayed by my hand?

Lives will be lost without a reason
If I am dead, you'll all be gone
Track Name: Suffer The Cold
Welcome to the end
See the stars align around me
You should have left before the cold

End all this pain with fire
Just wake me when I'm dead
These lies will never end

Can we believe what we're told?
Who wakes me while I rest?
And deal with what we lost?
Lost voices from my past
Then in the end we'll see them fall away with time
You cannot save my life

Welcome back to hell
With the cold, it's freezing over
The wrath of all your fear consumes the light

Stay strong to make it through
I guess I can't say the same for you
I can't believe I let it go

On we tread
To feed again
To rise above our fears
Track Name: Ghost of War
Our youngest ones sent away to roam the desert
And taught to be killers
If you leave alive, someone has to die
By your own hands and
Left for the children to cry for

So lay down all your weapons
See the light
Fight no more tonight
Our families await us to come back home
and hold us one more time

The kings and their sons do not carry guns but
The profits will feed all of their children
The man you just gunned has a new born son
You left alive, he had to die
Now who will hear his children cry?

Time stops for the rest of your life
We weren’t born to kill our fellow man
There’s time to think twice
How low will the empire go?
The ghosts are coming back to hear you cry

The Ghost of War returns
Your memories make you wish you were dead
Track Name: Textures
Beyond the edge of dreams
Always fleeting
I walk this road once more
But I'm not going home

Sound asleep
The leaves are swirling
Life is taking shape
It’s like a storm that never shows when it’s here

The autumn breeze warns of Winter’s vice, a chilling breath
Seasons change bringing death to life, and life to death
The burning sun hides all alone,
Will you find your lonely home?
Life goes by through textured eyes

Stand still and breathe with me
Autumn’s greeting
Eyes closed, I dream of lore
Awaken on my own

When I thought that time would make it better
I didn’t think think that I’d hear the word “never”
What will it take to claim my throne?
My life, my heart, my home

Listen to the air we breathe on this night
We need someone to fight for and believe our dreams

I’ve gone away
Track Name: In The Shadows
Feed our madness
because it's all we know
Let's negate our sadness and
be young once more

You should love yourself
As if there's no tomorrow
Live like there's no today

How I listen to the crows
Tar my name and drone one

And I lurk
Hiding in the shadows

Crushed by deceivers
Misled by the dreamers
And now the storm is over
I’ll find my way to silence
Gone are the feelings
Succumbed to the fear
Of demons I’ve summoned
In the shadows waiting

I will crawl to the ends of the Earth to find you
I will crawl to the edge of the Earth to bring you back

Darkness, wrapping all around me
Track Name: Feed The Wolves
You drew the last straw to see me suffer
Finding the worst in me won't bring the best in you
I must survive

Emptiness surrounds me and darkness takes my light
When the wolves gather around
Will you stand with me and fight?
No lines in the sand
They bite from the hand

Feed the wolves and watch them eat their prey
The fear is gone, they drop their guard
Now they attack again
Waste them as they run, no one survives my wrath tonight
So no more tomorrows, no more today

So say I will not die, I survived

On this icy morning, the wolves feast on their prey

See the wind and breathe the light
Wolves will roam in shadow’s light
Track Name: Retribution
The sky lights up
No one is safe
The war will start the pain
Gone away are human senses
The sun will rise and blood will fall
We lost everything that make us human

Crawl in the shell, hiding
Say your farewells and run for life

The judgement passed upon you
Will not be changed
These binding words of pharaohs
Will seal away your fate

Go there, seek your retribution
Don't let them take away the ones you love
Go there, I'll be right behind you
Seeking vengeance for them all

The righteous ones are sounding
From books of saints
The sounds of human error
Are drenched in ancient hate

The fire burns in the end of days
The kings they will overtake
Silence now all the voice of reason
To capture one, we kill them all
We saw this bloody writing on the wall
Track Name: For Those Departed
As the tears fall down
This pain beside me waits
To the young ones gone
We spoke out words too late
And the sun will rise and fall
Counting days since you’ve left

All the words that I never said
They rip my heart apart and tear at my head
And of all the words I couldn’t find
I’ll never say goodbye

Oh can you hear me when I sing this song for you?
Tears are falling on the grave
I can’t believe it’s true
With memories and melodies
You left this place too soon
For those departed
We raise our heads and lift our hearts to you

Life’s a young man’s game
He passes by his days
But when the young man is lost
We put ourselves to blame
And the times we had live on
In our hearts you will rest

The stars shine bright on this night

You will never be without us
Life will never come between us
Track Name: Of Memories Lost
Nothing can wash away this pain
All things are destined for the same
We're the killers of our kind
Right, I won't be the one left behind

I remember the time we had
Bleeding hearts will crumble last
One down, seven million fires burning
Stand ground, the heartless and the meek are turning

Fight? I’ve got no fight
Will I ever return?
Not for the life of me

Forget the shame
Let's live for today
Tomorrow won't be here forever
I weep for all I've lost

Writings are seen upon these walls
Foreseeing the tyrants as they fall
Light the sky up with your eyes
It’s time to die
Lies are destroyers of our hearts

Light up the shadows
Breathe deep and let it go

Reach deep down inside
Pull yourself up
Release the pain
Let go

Cry for all of the memories lost of you
Track Name: A Path of Thorns
Gone are the days of darkness
A revolution waits over the hill of fire
To fight though all of the pain and
All of the anger in my own head
To let me love myself
To let my sorrows fall

Rise above the path of thorns
In this life we are not alone
The trials we face show us who we are
We can't rise unless we let ourselves fall

And when you feel like dying
Just remember who you are
You've made it here and you've come so far
When the road ahead doesn't seem to end
Allow yourself to be your own best friend

Listen, it’s the fire burning loudly again

So wash everything away
The past is a new day
In time, this shall fade away
March on, far from this place

Climb to the summit
There awaits your pot of gold
Fear is your enemy
The smell of blood just keeps me fighting
Nothing in gives you nothing back
I give it all until my body breaks down
I didn't get here by going nowhere
Focus, drive, perseverance and disdain

Draw your weapons
And I'll cut you down
All we know is dead
Track Name: Take On Me (A-ha cover)
Take On Me is a cover song originally performed by A-ha. Our version is featured on the album Awaken. Lyrics are available on A-ha’s official website.